Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ultimate Capital Management software Ulti Pro

Ulti Pro
Ultimate is a leading provider of unified human capital management (HCM) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for global companies. Ultimate winning UltiPro (R)-solutions offer companies the capabilities necessary to manage the entire life cycle of the use of recruitment to retirement. Based in Weston, Florida, Ultimate employs over 1200 professionals who are focused on developing the highest quality products, solutions and services. In 2010 was named winner of the Ultimate Workforce Management magazine's Optimas. In 2009, Ultimate awarded first place in people's election Stevie (R) competition for the New SaaS favorite products and was ranked # 1 Best Company to work in middle America by Great Place to Work (R) Institute for the second consecutive year. In 2010, the ultimate security practices recertified ISO / IEC 27001, and Ultimate was the first SaaS provider of HR with ISO / IEC 27001 certified in 2008.

Last has approximately 2,200 customers representing different sectors, including organizations such as Adobe Systems Incorporated, the Container Store, Culligan International, Elizabeth Arden, Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees baseball team, and Ruth's Chris Steak House. For more information on products and services are available at Ultimate www.ultimatesoftware.com.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Chrome 15 beta slashed Firefox latest updates

Rapid pace of development of Google shows no signs of slowing down as it rolls a new stable version of Chrome v14 this time. Unlike Firefox, which is also accelerated the release process, Chrome seems to benefit from high turnover, while Firefox will suffer for this.
chrome vs firefox
The big addition of chromium are 14 Native Client, a new way to run C and C + + code in the browser. Native Client provides a new technology of sand boxing, which is designed to protect the user's browser and malicious code. Even if the Native Client, or sodium chloride, has only been stable, it is not a new technique, introduced three years ago.
The idea with the Native Client is able to change the browser in a rich development environment and browser-based applications, including games. In particular, the Native Client is aimed at 3D and video editing market, with the normal JavaScript is not strong enough.Sandbox in the Native Client limits how and what an application can write. Sandbox also prevents the access code for the program outside the defined area.
The Native Client is included in the browser plug-in API called Pepper.
While Google has touted Native Client to be a major step forward for the Internet, the leaders of other browsers are not so enamoured. Decision makers like Opera and Mozilla feel that switching to Native Client is a step away from the existing Web standards, in turn, undermines the multi-platform of the Internet.
In any case, Google has created a new course, and this has already been made available in 32 - and 64-bit. The company is apparently working on a portable version of the Native Client for other platforms.
For Apple users there are also some changes in the latest version is chrome 14 download worthy. Among them is the inclusion of "overlapping scrolls bars" Leon appear only when the user scrolls. There is also initial support for full screen mode.
Speed-wise usually sends Chrome promises to the most popular benchmarking tools for the visualization of Chrome is one of the fastest browser around.
Chrome  is already in its beta Chrome 15and 16 is in the development of channels.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Microsoft releases next browser IE10 Preview

Microsoft has released a new Internet Explorer 10 preview, the second pre-release of Internet Explorer 10 designed to give developers access to the new technologies that Internet Explorer 10 will deliver. The new version includes support for a bunch of new specifications, enabling better support for drag and drop, form validation, positioning of page elements, and more. As with prior preview releases, Microsoft has also provided a number of demo sites to show off new capabilities, and new test cases to demonstrate exact conformance with the HTML5 specifications.
This update comes 11 weeks after the first preview release, making it a little ahead of schedule; Internet Explorer 9 previews came out roughly every eight weeks, but for Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft is aiming at one every three months.
Probably the most significant inclusion for Web developers is support for the Web Worker API. Conventionally, browser JavaScript has been strictly single-threaded, with no facility to perform computations in the background or use multicore processors. Web Workers change this, by allowing multiple scripts to execute simultaneously, opening the door to pages that are both more responsive and contain more complex scripting than is possible without Web Workers.
Test drive of this shown as shown in below pic.
IExplorer 10 test drive

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Typing makes easier with e-Speaking...

e-Speaking Control Bar

V3.12.2-speaking is freeware voice recognition software is the software used to convert words into text. It requires complex coding algorithms, as it varies modes of expression and the features that are made by the style of each unique person to speak. It may include different languages ​​as a foreign language and regional accents, including various dialects as well as individuals affects the way the words spoken. If you install the voice recognition software, so it is able to understand the saying lazy and can change the way the words looked like. This includes a challenge to install the voice recognition software, which is based on the correspondence of sounds different potentials of the written word as a supplement.

Moreover, it is recommended, it is necessary that every user of voice recognition software to train others to recognize his particular style of speech. There are a lot more voice recognition tools available on the market that comes in a guidance manual and training program that includes specially selected a text that the user must read the program. Education must be justified in a normal voice users. After the software will translate the word and the user must correct if an error occurs. The software learns from its mistakes, which regulates the translation for it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Firefox add-on FastestFox

FastestFox (formerly SmarterFox) is a browser add-on for Firefox, which offers a range of web browser search enhancements that are available on the right mouse button, or integrated into the pages of popular sites like Google and Wikipedia. Provides context-sensitive popup `bubble ', which allows you to search sites that you get from any of the selected text on a page, as well as keyboard shortcuts to activate meta-search options (qLauncher) and links to related research are embedded in the pages of Google and Wikipedia. The program can also make a clickable text URLs to download all the images, links or multimedia files on the page you are viewing. SmarterFox also have great feature which allows you to navigate through the search results page of Google as an 'infinite', no need to click on any of the following buttons. You can choose what features you want to remove the configuration dialog box.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is It A PC With Windows 8 Close The Door To Linux?

It seems reasonable to say that a considerable part of the users has Linux PCs in the world today, installed the system free and open source running on hardware that is originally loaded with Windows. After all, if there are pre-installed systems available, it often ends up being cheaper to buy a Windows PC and load Linux itself.

Whenever shipping starts of Windows8 PCs can no longer be possible to sustain. It turns out that the new feature is included in the name of operating system security, effectively cannot download Linux for Windows 8-officially certified hardware.

"Probably not worth panicking yet," wrote Red Hat developer Matthew Garrett in a blog on the subject on Tuesday. "But it's worth to be worried."

"It is not installable"

The problem stems from Microsoft's decision to use a hardware-based secure protocol start-up, the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) in Windows 8 in place of the traditional BIOS, we all know. Microsoft principal program manager lead Arie van der Hoeven explained and demonstrated in the interview on UEFI BUILD society conference earlier this month, and that the description is still available in the video below.

In essence, the technology is designed to protect against rootkits and other low-level attacks, prevention of the executables and drivers to be charged unless they are given a cryptographic signature with a signature key dedicated UEFI.

"There is no centralized authority to sign for these key UEFI," said Garrett. "If a key supplier is installed on a machine, the only way to get the code signed with this key is to get the seller to make the signature. A machine can have multiple keys installed, but if you are unable one of them to sign the binary, so it will not install. "

Microsoft said that Windows 8 will need logo on the ship's engines use a secure boot. Windows systems are likely to be signed with a key from Microsoft, Garrett expected.

Other operating systems like Linux, does not contain these signatures in their present state, of course. So, if you deliberately made to provide them ", which is delivered only to OEMs and Microsoft are the keys to launch a generic copy of Linux," says Garrett.

"The core must also be signed"

The options include versions of the Linux operating system, the undersigned, but there are several problems with this approach, Garrett said.

First, a boot loader need non-GPL. Grub 2 Grub and distributed under GPLv2 and GPLv3 license, respectively, he said.

Second, "the design in the near future kernel means the kernel itself is part of the boot loader," said Garrett. "This means that the nuclei must also be signed. Make it impossible for users or developers to build their own kernel’s is not practical. "

Finally, while Linux distributions characters for themselves, the keys need to be covered by all the manufacturers, he said.

It may prove to be the case that Microsoft will allow vendors to provide support firmware to disable this feature and run unsigned code, Garrett recognized. However, it is unlikely that all equipment will be delivered with this option, he said, causes problems in at least some users of Linux on the road.

It is unclear how this will play out, of course. For my part, although it looks like another good reason to choose the hardware with Linux preinstalled.