Friday, September 23, 2011

Firefox add-on FastestFox

FastestFox (formerly SmarterFox) is a browser add-on for Firefox, which offers a range of web browser search enhancements that are available on the right mouse button, or integrated into the pages of popular sites like Google and Wikipedia. Provides context-sensitive popup `bubble ', which allows you to search sites that you get from any of the selected text on a page, as well as keyboard shortcuts to activate meta-search options (qLauncher) and links to related research are embedded in the pages of Google and Wikipedia. The program can also make a clickable text URLs to download all the images, links or multimedia files on the page you are viewing. SmarterFox also have great feature which allows you to navigate through the search results page of Google as an 'infinite', no need to click on any of the following buttons. You can choose what features you want to remove the configuration dialog box.


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